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Through The Lens Thursday 31. Looking Up.

Looking Up


This week’s prompt for Through The Lens Thursday is ‘Looking Up’, so I did.  We went on a little hike yesterday with some friends and these pylons were marching across the landscape.   I looked up and caught the harsh lines of the pylon and wires against the drifting clouds of the afternoon.

Do you always remember to look up as well as all around to get a photograph or just take in your surroundings?  It’s a good thing to do.



  1. I look up too much and then I get disoriented 🙂
    Where my parents live in Florida all the electrical is underground, so nice.

    • All of the cables are underground in the UK too, it is one of the first things that struck me when we moved here, that all the cables are still overhead. Like the olden days!!

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