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Through The Lens Thursday #50. Pair.





Can you believe we are at week 50 of 2014.  I hope it has been a wonderful year for you.  I am so pleased I found ‘Through The Lens Thursday’ at the beginning of the year and stuck with it.  I now have almost a year of weekly photos taken on my DSLR.

Thanks of course to our fearless leaders, Alison and Greta of Writing Wishing and GFunkified blogs.

This week’s prompt is ‘Pair’ so I couldn’t resist these little baby socks which I had saved in my drawer.

I must admit I struggled with the numbers on my camera today to get the best result in a low light, grey sky environment.  So, we come to the question, is it cheating when you have a less than ideal picture to throw it into Snapseed or Photoshop or Lightroom and mess with it?

I certainly messed with this one! I accidently turned the brightness right up and I liked it.  This photo was edited in Snapseed.

Next week is #51 and the prompt is ‘Loud’.





  1. Oh my goodness, that’s so sweet!
    I don’t think editing is cheating, it’s part of the photography process. 🙂

  2. I will have to get on board this one for next year if they are doing it. I so need to get my camera out to get better at photography. Editing is not cheating, one of my photography friends says taking photos is 20% of the process, 80% editing. Love your cute pic.

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