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‘I Like’ Fridays featuring heart pendants and movie going.

Watercolour and sketching

This past week has seen some great weather, the raised beds are almost defrosted in the garden and I am almost in a digging and planting frame of mind.  I must be patient, with the planting at least, it is still January and we could get all manner of cold and snow up until March!

I do want to get some chili pepper plants started inside, because mine only began producing peppers last year at the beginning of the Autumn and they never got to ripen properly.  So this year I plan to do a better job!

So, what have you been up to this week?  Here are a few things I have been liking –

Trying out more drawing and painting and I am looking into trying some hand lettering, there are classes at Creative Bug and I borrowed this book from the library.

Seeing ‘Mr Turner’ at one of St Louis’s oldest movie theatres this week and I liked it.  Mike Leigh did an amazing job with the costumes and settings, the whole film looked like a series of paintings.  Now I know more about the painter than I did before.

Flow weekly.  A Dutch weekly edition of Flow magazine which I am fascinated to see, so I ordered a couple of copies of it.  Just out of curiosity.  Flow is such a visual magazine, I am not at all bothered that the writing is in Dutch.    I can’t wait to get them!

Getting my Happy Mail package from A Beautiful Mess and Studio Calico, lots of lovely stationary goodies!

New heart pendants in my Etsy shop, I have loved making these, so I will be making more!

Happy weekend x



  1. Turner was my late Grandfathers favourite artist. He’d have loved that show.
    I’m going to check out the hand lettering classes if I get a chance.
    Have a great week Clare

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