Through The Lens Thursday
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Through The Lens Thursday #4. Sign.

TTLT 4 Sign

This week’s photo fell into my lap to be honest.  I went out in the early morning to take a photo of a row of trees against a wall which are usually behind a row of cars.  I liked the look of the trees, so I grabbed a snap.  As I was looking at the scene in front of me, I noticed the great shadow first, then the sign on the door.  I like all the blues and the old warehouse in this image.

As I was walking home I saw another sign which has been on this building forever and I am fairly sure this is not the profession behind the door!  I though the sky and the colour contrast was lovely, so I have two sign photos this week.

TTLT 4 Sign

And here is the photo of the trees!

Through The Lens Thursday is an photography project hosted by Writing Wishing and GFunkified blogs.  We are taking a photo a week to post and share in a bid to improve our photography skills, specifically using our DSLR cameras set to manual.  I have to say that it is improving my observation skills as well as my camera skills.

Happy Thursday!


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