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Sketching with the Tinkersketch challenge.

For the month of February I have been joining in with Tinkerlab and doing the Tinkersketch daily challenge. I tried it last year and only made it part way through the month. This year I am loving it! We are half way through February (yikes) and I am still going strong.

I see some of the sketches on the #tinkersketch feed and these folks can draw, I mean really draw, their quick sketch is an accurate portrayal. I am more a shapes and colour kinda artist! That said I am very happy with what Tinkersketch has pulled out of my idea cache and I am looking forward to the rest of the month.

If you want to see what everyone has been creating, check out the #tinkersketch hashtag over on Instagram. My favourite sketchers to follow are @squiggleandswirl, @soulsk8r, @annofdoodlesandjots, @daintydora, @markonthemark and of course @tinkerlab.

Do you like to draw and sketch and make marks generally? I have only really just started to fill sketchbooks again and I am getting so many ideas, not just for drawings, for all kinds of things.

Keep the creativity flowing and guide it to where you need it most.

Here are some of my favourites from my challenge so far.

Mirror I drew a mirror I bought from my friend a few years ago, it is old and shabby and ace!

Tiny Camera

The prompt here was ‘Tiny Doodle’ so I drew a tiny picture of my camera using a fine Micron pen.


‘Bounce’!  I used a bouncy ball and watercolour paint to get these guys into action.  For the details I used a Micron Pen.

Ink Splots

I made a very wet watercolour background for this picture, then dropped on a couple of ink splots.  Once it was dry, I made a village of roofs with a Micron pen.


Oh boy was this one fun!  I was right back at preschool with the Elmer’s glue and tissue getting in a sticky mess making tissue mountains.  I only intended to put one lone tree at the top of the highest peak, but then the forests grew too.

Repeat repeat repeat

This prompt was ‘Repeat, repeat repeat’ so I made some triangle trees (told you I was all about the shapes!).

Flourish Mandala

Of course I had to squeeze in a mandala.  I wonder if I can get another one done later in the month!

Happy Monday!  We have a few inches of snow today and the kids are all hoping for a snow day off school tomorrow.  We shall see.



  1. I love those tissue mountains! I am having fun with Tinker Sketch too thanks for the mention 🙂

  2. Clare, I love all of these! I think my fave is the mirror; it’s really sweet. I need to make myself join the next Tinkersketch and then make myself stick to it for the whole month. It really looks like you’re having a ball playing around.

    • Thanks Jeanette, I liked drawing the mirror, but I found it hard to be honest. Tinkersketch is great, you must jump in!

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