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‘I like’ Fridays.


This week I am liking lots of things, the arctic weather we are having is not one of them!

Check out this fab post about making your very own font from Tiny Rotten Peanuts.  I am going to give this a go this weekend.

There are some good t shirts for Red Nose Day this year, my Mum is sending me the Matthew Williamson ‘Do my Feathers Look Big in This?’  one, because I am spoiled!

I am still having a blast with the Tinkersketch challenge, I might just finish the month!

There is a plan in my brain to do my own personal challenge through March – a hand lettering practice.  You should join in too!  More info next week (when I have figured it out…)

The book I am reading is a really good one – Ella and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper.

I have been obsessively making this bread which just needs throwing together the night before.  Perfect for weekend breakfast.

What have you been liking this week?  Lots of good things I hope!


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