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‘I Like’ Fridays Easter Special

'I like' Friday - Easter

This weekend we will be egg hunting, cleaning up the local woods and creek, making easter nests and eating hot cross buns.  In the spirit of the Easter season and Spring generally, this is what I have been liking this week-

I am waiting for my Hot Cross Buns to rise as I write this. As usual I got covered in flour and ended up in a mess trying to make nice neat ‘crosses’ on my buns!

Even though the boys are getting bigger, we will still have an Easter Egg hunt in the garden.  It has rained all day today and the grass is about 7 feet high (ok, just a few inches..), but an egg hunt we shall have!

I have the ingredients to make Easter egg nests using cereal (I use Trader Joe’s Shredded bite sized Wheats), chocolate and chocolate eggs.  This is another messy yummy project which is essential to our Easter weekend! I have made them with cornflakes and shredded wheat and we like the shredded wheat best as it looks more ‘nesty’. Just be sure to get plain and not frosted shredded wheats!

Home made Granola is on my mind too, I like Katie Quinn Davies’s recipe from her book ‘What Katie Ate’.  I fancy a granola filled with nuts and flax seed and dates and all kinds of good stuff.  Do you make granola? Any fantastic additions to share? I always put chocolate chips in too, which defeats the ‘healthy’ object, but what are you going to do, a girl needs chocolate in her cereal!

Tomorrow we are heading to the local park/woods/creek to help the local branch of REI and Parks and Recreation to clean up the park and woods.  We will spend the morning picking up trash and get rewarded with a hot dog lunch!  The boys like to go and help with this every year and I love that they are so keen to keep the local environment ship shape.

The trees are blooming and the neighbourhood Magnolia trees are stunning and scenting up the streets like a natural air freshener system.

Whatever you are up to this weekend, have a lovely lovely time.


  1. Sounds like a really fun Easter, Clare 🙂 I used to make granola…cinnamon and dried apricot are essential additions for me. Easter is not a thing here in China but Monday is a public holiday (Tomb Sweeping Day where people visit the graves of loved ones and make offerings to keep them happy in the after life) – enjoy your egg hunt and the park clean up, sounds great! x Isabel

    • Thanks Isabel, the park is now much cleaner (although it wasn’t so bad to start with). Tomb sweeping day sounds worthwhile, it is interesting to hear about other countries public holidays.

  2. what a beautiful weekend!!!
    i am a bit obsessed/fascinated with magnolia trees. so exotic to me!

    i make granola. my basic favorite is cinnamon, chopped almonds, dates, cranberries, golden raisins.
    i’ve never put chocolate in mine. i’m afraid if i start it will be the beginning of something i can’t stop.

    • Magnolia trees are so gorgeous, pity the flowers don’t stay longer. I glimpsed the lunar eclipse through my neighbour’s tree this weekend.
      Sounds like a good granola mix, I like all the fruit.

  3. Lindsay says

    I make a healthy(ish) granola that has cacao nibs added after the cooking. They’re not sweet but give you the anti-oxidants and a wee bit of choccy flavour.
    New to your blog by the way and really enjoying it – thank you ☺

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