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Through The Lens Thursday #14. Box.

Through The Lens Thursday. Box
Boxes, boxes, boxes, so many box options! I settled on a jewelry box which is super old and from my Grandma. I love it, the shabby picture on the top and the slot in the side to use as a money box and the bottom which is made from paper (maybe for lost key emergencies!).

The book it is sitting on is a copy of National Heritage which I picked up today, it is from 1949 and chock full of paintings and information. Fantastic stuff!

Next week’s prompt is ‘Baked’, so I had better get baking – oh, what a shame…!

More information on Through the Lens Thursday including a list of prompts can be found here.


    • It is very thick vellum type paper, very smart idea I suppose. At least if the key got lost (I don’t have it), the whole box doesn’t have to be sacrificed.

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