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Ideas for The 100 Day Project


Have you heard about The 100 Day Project?  It is a fab thing that The Great Discontent magazine and Elle Luna are hosting and it starts on April 6th.  You just have to make or do something every day for 100 days and record it with a hashtag of your choice on Instagram.  Sounds fun I think.

I just need to decide what to do/draw/make/photo for 100 days which takes us right into July – phew!  That is a lot of doing the same thing every day, well not exactly the same thing but the same project over 100 days.

I know I am not going to be doing something like dancing (although that would be worth it for the laughs), yoga poses (there will be no photos of me doing yoga anywhere, let alone every day on Instagram for over 3 months), there will be no food involved (I eat everyday and may not be inventing anything new or interesting in that department) and I won’t be recording my reading, knitting, crocheting or sewing.  These are all pretty good options, but I fear that a new row of knitting every day is not going to give me the end result I am after.

What is the result I speak of then?  I would like a nice fat sketchbook full of artistic goodness!  I could draw something for 100 days, I could make a new doodle pattern every day – this is a contender to be honest – or I could design something every day, maybe a chair or a table.

I have just completed a lettering challenge so I could carry on and hand letter something every day (another contender) or I could design a new alphabet every day.

I have been really enjoying drawing mandalas in the past, so maybe I will do this for 100 days, that would be a cool finished sketchbook I think.

I could purge one item from my belongings every day, but I could do this for 100 years and still have a house full of stuff.  And I no doubt would look back over the photos and realize that I really really wanted to keep those shoes which I donated to Goodwill on day 22!

How about making something every day?  A piece of jewelry, a painting, a keychain, earrings – one or a pair?

Sow seeds, sow a different seed every day and see what kind of garden I have in 100 days!

Take a photo a day?  I feel this would need a sub category though.  Take a black and white photo, a portrait, a colorful photo or even a shot of exactly the same view, see how it changes over 100 days.  The same view could be a lovely one actually as we are entering Spring now and over the course of the project, summer will start to heat up.

I could make a lip balm or perfume scent every day?  See how many combinations I can come up with, I would have quite the beauty collection by the end!

How about drawing a robot a day or a monster a day or a flower a day or a fish a day or a tree or a face or an animal…?

Blimey, I actually want to do lots of these!  But, I have decided that my 100 Day Project is going to be drawing a mandala a day.  I have a square sketchbook with 120 sheets and I am ready to go! I hope I don’t run out of ideas at day 12.  My hashtag on Instagram will be #100DaysOfMakingMandalas.

Are you doing 100 things for this project?  Do you want to?  All the information you will need is here at The Great Discontent magazine website.

I would love to know what you are doing and your Instagram name so that I can follow along!

It’s all rather inspiring, don’t you think?!


  1. Hi Clare!
    I think this is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing your Mandala a day 🙂
    I would love to join in but Instagram is blocked over here in China…so I can’t for now.
    But good luck with the project, I hope you feel inspired by drawing each day
    x Isabel

    • I am sure you can join on Facebook or on your blog or just to entertain yourself Isabel! I hope I don’t run out of steam after a week!

    • I have got into a good habit of making or photo’ing or drawing every day, so hopefully I can do 100 days!

  2. I love your ideas and how you’ve listed them so creatively. I just joined up for the #the100dayproject and linked to your post for inspiration ideas! x

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