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One Hundred Words for a Warm Day in July.

Deer in the woods

Walking. Deer. Woodland. Library. Curry. Cauliflower. Magazines. Cooking. Pizza. Water. Slide. Swimming. Humid. Making. Lemon. Balm. Music. Books. Grey. Neon. Water. Mud. Workout. TRX. Sweaty. Phone. Mandala. Strawberries. Face. Train. Jigsaw. Puzzle. Warm. Photographs. Glass. Pens. Pencils. Drawing. Recipes. Shopping. Slicing. Reading. Crochet. Yarn. Wool. Miles. Roasting. Eggplant. Aubergine. Flower. Fruit. Vegetable. Laundry. Smells. Oil. Blog. Words. Writing. Thinking. Planning. Green. Orange. Food. Calories. Counting. Pool. Giant. Cool. Kids. Mine. Fun. Busy. Tea. Coffee. Frothy. Sunglasses. Sunscreen. Sun. Tarot. Owl. Nature. Magical. Rain. Watering. Growing. Plants. Soil. Dry. Screens. Light. Sleep. Texts. Talking. Chatting. Learning. Wondering. Hiccups. Snoring. Dog. Floor.

Thanks to Susannah Conway for the idea for a 100 word blog post.


  1. Deer in a woodland swoon! I love this idea Clare. Sometimes 100 words and a photo can say just as much if not more than a long post. Succinct, descriptive, great x

    • Thanks Karen, I thought this was a lovely idea and I enjoyed writing it. I nice ‘what shall I write today’ post.

  2. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this great idea. I love reading this stream of consciousness. Do you plan to do more?

    • I loved doing this post, I am sure I will do more, maybe randomly, like ‘Taking Stock’.

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