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Is it Spring yet? Here are some new bracelets.

20140208-093903.jpgI have listed these two bracelets in my Etsy shop today, I am happy with the photos and I love the bracelets!  These might be hard to part with, I mean how good they look together.  If you fancy a gander at my Etsy shop, click on either bracelet and you will travel by magic Etsy carpet over there!

20140208-093925.jpgThey are made with linen thread which holds together glass, lucite, shell and wood beads in an array of pinks then in a lovely array of blues.

I wanted to go for an early Spring/Summer look, short sleeves will mean time to show off those bracelets and these bracelets are versatile little beauties as they can also be worn as necklaces.  Hurrah!

20140208-093938.jpgPop over to my Etsy shop where new jewels will be arriving on a regular basis.  I am working on a necklace at the moment which uses similar blues to the bracelet here.  As soon as it is finished, I will share!

Happy weekend!  I will be back later with Six Word Saturday, when I think of it that is!

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