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One + Four = Life. Weekly photos 36/52

Watercolour tomatoes
Maurice Sendak at St Louis Public Library
Maurice Sendak at St Louis Public Library
Lemp St Louis
I am joining Isabel at Nanjing Nian in this week’s One+Four=Life project.  Four photos to represent the previous week in our world, lots of other bloggers will be linking up, so be sure to pop over and get a virtual world tour of photos!

It has been a hot and humid week here, one of the hottest of the summer I think, or maybe it just seems that way to me as I am so over being sweaty and too hot.

I have started a new book called ‘Fishbowl’ by Bradley Somer which is a great read and a nice pace which I am sprinting through.  It is one of those books which visits different characters in each chapter and often leaves a cliffhanger at the end of the chapter.  So I am zooming along to get see what happens to them all.  It is based on a group of people who all live in the same apartment block which does not sound like a page turner, but it is.  Not forgetting the goldfish who has fallen out of his bowl and is plummeting towards to pavement!

1. Now we are back to school in full swing, I am getting back into my routine which I like. I am trying to fit more creativity into my days so I cracked out the watercolours and snipped a pretty branch of cherry tomatoes to have a go at painting. I might go over it with a fine black pen or maybe leave this one and paint and ink another one.  Nothing worse than having a good idea which then ruins a nice picture which is exactly what might happen if I go at this picture with the pen.

2 and 3. A new exhibition opened this weekend at the St Louis Public Library, ‘The Art of Maurice Sendak’.  We popped in on Saturday for a look around and we were greeted by people dressed as ‘Wild Things’ which was a fun touch.  Some kids loved the monsters and some were a little freaked out!  The library is such a lovely building, it is worth a visit by itself, so to visit the library and view the exhibition together was a treat.

4. Another trip to the St Louis Swap Meet and I snapped a photo of the historic Lemp Grand Hall which is just across the road from the swap meet.  I picked up a 1980’s copy of ‘Secrets of Gypsy Fortune Telling’, so I will let you know when I don my gypsy scarf and get my crystal ball out, then you can cross my palm with silver in return for a fortune!

I hope you have had a wonderful week and the weather is behaving nicely where you are!


  1. Clare, your photo of the real tomatoes and painted tomatoes is just gorgeous. So cool! I had to look twice to tell which were the real ones 🙂 They look DELICIOUS by the way. I will totally cross your palm with some silver in return for you, dressed as a gypsy, telling my fortune. I have a secret fascination with things like that – tarot cards, palm reading etc. I really don’t believe in it, rationally, but then I sort of wish it was true. Fishbowl sounds good. Actually that does sound like a page turner to me, I like things set in an apartment block or a share house etc. Have a great week and see you again on Sunday afternoon I hope! x

    • Thanks Isabel! I am intrigued by Tarot cards and I have a lovely deck which I often use. I find it fascinating. I finished Fishbowl this week and it was really good.

  2. Hia Clare! Beautiful watercolour! Love that you have a Maurice Sendak exhibition close to you! I’d be there in a shot with my littles! I also have a secret fascination for all things ‘spiritual’ like tarot reading etc so would definitely have picked that book up too!

    • Thanks Helen! The exhibit was super fun and small enough that everyone would enjoy it including the smaller people! The book is very interesting, so many ways to ‘read fortunes’.

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