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Get Messy Art Journal. Season of Music. Week 2.




I just realized how different these two pages are!  Both from the season of music and both influenced by a close time period.  However that time was the eighties and when I was a teen and my taste moved from trend to trend by the minute.

Which I suppose is how it should be as a teenager, lots of different experiences in music, fashion, make up and all the things.

The first page features lyrics (ha, I use the term loosely!) from the first single I bought for myself – Mickey by Toni Basil.  I loved that record and played it and played it while bouncing around the living room!!!

I wrote the words on tracing paper which is between some pages in my handmade book.  I added crazy colour on top of some gesso on the original music pages.

The second page I started last week when I glued the gelli plate print to the pages of my book and painted in some neon pops.  This week I painted the names of some of my favorite  bands from my teenage years onto the background.

The colours fit with the gothic influences on my clothes, music and make up at the time. How I wanted black or blue lipstick around 1985.  Instead I used my existing lipstick and mixed in black or blue eye shadow, of course now you can buy skybluepink lipstick if you want it!

What were your music choices from your teen years?  Do you still listen to them?!

If you are interested in the Get Messy Art Journaling Community, head over to their website for more information.

Happy Friday x


  1. Love these pages, Clare! I was a massive Nik Kershaw fan. Howard Jones, Duran Duran, Paul Kelly all got a bit of a whirl around the turntable. And late 80s saw me going for The Cure and New Order. Oh, and a Wham! How could I forget! I went with friends to see them when they toured Oz! so excellent!

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