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Weekly Photos 32/52









1. The tomatoes are coming along nicely, I am still picking a handful of ripe ones every day.  It has rained heavily over the past few days so the plants have tilted slightly, but the tomatoes are all growing and ripening.

2. We got a Sno Cone lunch this week.  I had a coconut cream sno cone and a ‘Chicago’ hot dog. Not the healthiest of lunches, but it was good!

3. The trees are starting to drop a few leaves. We have had a cooler few days and it has been so lovely.

4. The dining table during the summer, G.I. Joes and paints in harmony! I paint and sketch in my journal while my 11 year old sorts out his G.I. Joe accessories.

5. The caterpillars are making kale lace in the garden.

6. I spotted the most beautiful colour palette in these berries.  They are growing on a vine which is all along the fence in my back garden.  So I had to pick a few off and paint them and photo them!

7. The hibiscus are flowering and they are so pretty.

The kids were back to school today, but then they were home again at 11am because the power was out.  So the first day back was more of a trial run.  Tomorrow will be ‘first day of school – take two’!

Have a wonderful week, Happy Monday x

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