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1. Blue skies and a lovely silver birch tree as I walked the dog this week.

2. The mornings are starting to become dewy and cool and the cobwebs are stunning when covered in droplets.

3. We went to an estate sale on the next street on Saturday and there were lots and lots of paperback romance novels!

4. This old very cool cash register was at the same sale, I didn’t buy the register and no romance novels came home with me either!

5. I spotted this wilting daisy in a fence.

6. Found lots of mushrooms and acorns as we wandered in the woods.

7. This bottle is a mystery from the past!  I immediately thought it may have contained soda once upon a time because of the cartoon dwarf like face on it, but at least a couple of people have said they it might well have contained alcohol.  I have looked on the Google machine but can’t find any like it.

A week of sunshine, mysteries and mushrooms in the woods!

Happy Monday x



  1. I do like the cash register. Brings back memories of my childhood. I thought it was very cool the way the cashier could click away on this very sophisticated machine !

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