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Weekly Photos 50/52










1. There is something wonderful about a little tiny parcel arriving in the mail from far away lands.  This tree and sweets are from my beautiful friend in Finland, I am sure she made the tree and it is fabulous!

2 & 3. I helped out at the library this week as hoards of kids came to make decorations for their trees. They swirled paint around inside plastic baubles and made some very successful ornaments! These cloths we used to protect the tables turned out pretty too!

4. Some finished ornaments.

5. I pulled out the watercolors for a page in my handmade journal.

6. Funghi in the countryside.

7. Country sights.

8. The giant tree is decorated with ornaments old and new!

We have had a sprinkle of snow this week and lots more ice which I don’t approve of at all. The ice started on the night I was at the library and when we came out to go home, the car park was a sheet of ice.  I walked most of the way home with both feet on the ground at all times, literally shuffling along! I leapt onto patches of grass for safer traction and eventually made it home.

The ice hasn’t had chance to melt and now we have a layer of snow on it.  Hopefully we will head up to above freezing temperatures so that I can venture out and finish my Christmas shopping.

At least the sun is out!

I put the washing out today and it was frozen by the time I had got it on the line!  Mother nature’s fabric softener – frost.  I am hopeful it should dry in the sunshine.

Happy Monday x


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