St Louis, Weekly Photos
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Weekly Photos 3/52. 2017









1. We went to Route 66 State Park this weekend and explored in the sunshine!

2. A naturally formed terrarium in an old bottle.

3. Yay for sunshine over the fields.

4. I climbed out of bed early on Saturday to go to a local estate sale and scored this ace tin of buttons and buckles.

5. I also bought a whole fabulous box of vintage travel ‘accordion’ postcards from the same sale.  I bought them to draw and paint on, but I am not sure I can bring myself to!

6 & 7. Two sides of the same painting at the St Louis Art Museum, I love the two colour palettes.

8. One of my favourite paintings at the Art Museum, cakes by Wayne Thiebaud.

Happy Monday x

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  1. edie115 says

    I love the cake painting and the terrarium best!
    What a beautiful weekend xx

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