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Art Marks 30 Day Summer Challenge.

I finished this challenge a week ago and I really liked filling up my little paperback sketchbook which I made from a vintage paper back book cover and added different papers to the inside.


This is the full mini sketchbook I used solely for this project.  The 30 Days of mark making challenge was hosted by Rae Missigman.

Here is the second half of my 30 day journey, find the first half here.

IMG_2862Day 12. Blotted.

IMG_2863I don’t even know what prompt this was for, but I like it!!

IMG_2864Day 13 Stippled.

IMG_2865Day 14 Fluid.

IMG_2866Day 15 Varied.

IMG_2867Day 16 and 17 Mirrored and Dripped.

IMG_2868Day 18 and 19 Many and Scattered.

IMG_2870Day 20-21 Scratched and collaged.

IMG_2871Day 22 Torn.

IMG_2872Day 23 Lettered.

IMG_4996Day 24 Remnants.

IMG_2874Day 25 Found.

IMG_2875Day 26, 27, 28 Tattered, collected and metallic (can you tell the end of the book was near!)

IMG_2882Day 29 and 30 Stitched and closed, I stitched a ribbon around the whole book to close it.

Are you participating in any challenges? Monthly? Yearly? Weekly? Do tell.

Happy Wednesday x

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