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Get Messy Art Journal Season of Fairytales. Week Three.


Week three of the season of fairytales and I am still enjoying filling my little handmade journal.  What I have learnt is that I like to work bigger, this journal was dictated by the size of the book covers I chose, but every time I open it, I wish it was bigger.  We live and lean don’t we?!

I did buy a big fat old book this weekend from the local YMCA book fair, which I want to make into a sketchbook full of watercolor paper, but that is another story which I will share when I make it.

At the same book fair I also bought a couple of fairytale books which I am using for collage material.  I seem to have landed on The Frog Prince as my fairytale of choice so I am keeping all my book pages from that story.

I have been following the daily prompts on Creative Bug this month and today’s was to make a poem from found words. So I pulled a couple of pages from The Frog Prince and chose some words and phrases to cut out.

Then I arranged them into two strange little poems which I incorporated into the above page alongside faces painted onto old library cards.



Another new thing I learnt this week from the Transference class I am taking was how to make image transfers using gel medium.  I had a couple of not amazing practice runs, but I am very happy with the landscape I transferred onto these pages for my journal.

I tore the magazine image in two and transferred half per page with the vellum page in-between on which I stuck a tree cut from a book page (yes, from The Frog Prince).



I don’t have any tale in mind for any of these pages, just the influence and inspiration in my mind as I make them.  This last page used the cut out trees as a mask and a collage over a stenciling of crowns.  All inspired by a Get Messy tutorial at the beginning of the season on making stencils and masks.


I even made a little eclipsed sun at the top of this page to mark the solar eclipse we experienced this week.

Another fun week in the art journaling community of Get Messy, if you want to see more information, click here and see what Get Messy is all about.

Happy Thursday x


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