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My Favorite Art Journal Pages

I had a wander through some of my art journals this weekend and I was very happy with what I found.

Some pages I had forgotten about and I loved coming across them again.

Lots of ideas come back and bring new ones at the same time as I see what I did on the pages and remember how I made them.


This page is from the Season of Fairytales and is a vintage National Geographic image with wings drawn with a Signo Uniball white pen.  The wings on the seated figure are on the next page and can be seen through the circle I cut in the page.


A page from the Season of Colour in my journal made from grocery bags and pages from a 1981 giant atlas found at the library while we were on vacation!  I used a lot of butterflies this season and loved making my own marbled paper. This page also has a cut out to see the butterfly on the following spread.


This is a page I made in a book called ‘The Shape of Towns’, I used neon and copper for the base layer and added shapes with my sumi ink and brush, doodled with my fine black pen and swooshed a stripe of white across the whole thing.


My new favorite thing to paint on is old library book cards.  I also added to this page some found word poems which were cut out of a fairy tale book. This spread is also from the Season of Fairytales.

Do you keep art journals?  Are you surprised when you look back? Any forgotten pages?

Happy Sunday x




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