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How many projects can I spin at once?

April is here and where I live spring missed the memo and winter is snickering in the corner as the weather is still freezing cold with a sprinkle of snow every so often.  I am sure someone will poke spring shortly and we will warm up a little. Not too much though, I don’t need ninety degrees and high humidity just yet.

Anyway, along with a new month and season I have decided to take on possibly too many projects!  Three of these are ongoing and the other three are shorter than the first in duration, but they still add to my daily quota.

My ongoings are the 365 day of random art in my Moleskine planner, make a colour swatch each day for 365 days and Get Messy Art Journal projects and community.  These are all going swimmingly and I am enjoying all of them.

The new kids on the block are as follows

The 100 day project – started on Tuesday April 3rd and consists of me drawing freeform mandalas every day for (you guessed it) 100 days until July.  I have done the project for the past three years now and it is a good amount of time to gather a body of work related to whatever you choose to do for 100 days. I am a grand two days in and doing well!

Creative Bug‘s daily sketch project for April is hosted by Pam Garrison who is teaching us  30 different ways to sketch flowers.  I am using my new Dina Wakely Media Journal which I am still learning to love but we are getting there.  So far I have used a mix of media and flowers and I am pleased with where it is all going.

The Brooklyn Art Museum‘s sketchbook project is a library filled with sketchbooks filled in by anyone and everyone. I have a sketchbook which I am going to refill with an accordion of faces which I have nearly finished painting.  I just need to get it finished and in the mail back to Brooklyn by the end of the month.


I do enjoy making some art every day and challenges like these certainly keep me on track.  Hopefully by the end of April I will be triumphant and have completed the Creative Bug and Sketchbook project and I will be a month into the 100 day Project.

Are you doing The 100 day project or a 365 project or just a sketch when you feel like it?!

Happy Wednesday x


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