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I made a giant book!

I had a case of FOMO this week or keeping up with the Joneses or whatever you want to call it.

I saw two different Instagram friends post two books they had made, one was super chunky and amazing, the other was a small pamphlet stitched book made with kraft paper and what looked like old book pages.

Well, you know me, old books and bookbinding, I loved them both and wanted to make something similar to combine the chunky and the vintage paper.

As this is the beginning of the season of play in the Get Messy art journaling community, I decided to go for it and make a basic structure so I didn’t loose my mind but make it nice and full so I didn’t run out of pages (ha! no shortage of pages here).

I used a fancy paper bag as the cover which I reinforced with a cereal box and I cut and folded 17 signatures each with five sheets. The pages are from an old cookbook, an encyclopedia, an old National Geographic,  an atlas, a photography book, some music and pages from a 1952 ledger.

Thanks to Divyam and Alicia for their inspiration!

Happy Thursday x


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