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Weekly Photos 14/52







So far I think we are having a chilly spring compared to recent years.  I am sure it is usually warmer than this here in the mid-west by the middle of April.  No complaints though, you never know, the summer might not be so brutal.

  1. I don’t know what any of these flowers are, but they are pretty and all over the park floor.  I got to stand among them for a while as the dog had a sniff about.
  2. I borrowed the paper cutter in the library to chop up my new coloring postcards this week.
  3. Some trees are still blooming, this pink one at the park is a stunner.
  4. I finished ‘A Man Called Ove’, and I love love loved it.  It is such a good read, Ove is a wonderful character.  It is funny, thoughtful and a great story.
  5. I got some clay to play with and I made some beads and pendants, fingers crossed that they all turn out, or at least most of them!  I will be sure to update you on the clay creations.
  6. Over the weekend we popped down to Cherokee Street in St Louis.  We explored a few antique shops and stopped for a coffee and cake.

I hope you had a fab week and are looking forward to the next.  It is rainy here today, but not cold, so hopefully good growing weather for the flowers in the garden.

Happy Monday x


  1. OH SPRING!!!! We are teetering here in spring coats with mittens in the pockets because wind/shade/sun or even a big cloud makes all the difference. Fascinated by the beads! Are these ceramic?

    • I know what you mean, I keep a scarf or ten handy at all times, just in case! Yes the beads are ceramic, our lovely art teacher let me use some of her clay and she is going to fire them for me.

  2. The book looks interesting, Clare. Is it set in Scandanavia or just a Scandi author? The pink blossoms look lovely against the blue sky.

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