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Ways to use Vintage Fabric in my Art Journal.

I found a fabulous length of lacey vintage fabric at an estate sale this weekend which I think must have been used as a tablecloth.  I snatched it up with my mind already planning things to do with it. So here are a few ideas for using vintage fabric in your art journal.

Sketch it in as much detail as you want.

Trace through it, follow all the shapes or just a few.

Print with it, using a gel plate.

Photocopy and add to your journal page.

Spray paint through it and use as a background.

Dip it in some ink and sew it into your journal.

Cut out a section and stitch it in, use matching thread or a contrast colour, hand sewing or using a sewing machine.

Add a piece of fabric as an extra ‘page’ by sewing it down the edge or the middle of an existing page.

I added this section of the fabric by sewing it into the existing page of my journal with the original ribbon which I used to bind the book. Now I have to decide what else to add to these pages?!

Do you use vintage fabrics?  What do you do with them and where do you find them?

Happy Monday x


  1. christinalyn365 says

    Yes to ALL of those…except I might have a hard time doing it with a big, lovely lace cloth like that one because I could envision hanging it in front of my window as a light diffuser or some other prettified thing to do with it! It would probably go to the art station though, I’m sure!

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