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Buddhas, beads and lighthouses

As we are heading along the Cape, the town of Eastham can’t be passed without a visit to Buddha and Beads. A little antique store which has all kinds of treasure including lots of beads which ironically are not my favourite part of the store.

There are wonders in every corner.

There is now an outside bonus area which wasn’t here last time we visited.


Green glass floats.

Many many Buddhas, new and vintage.

We headed out to the lighthouse and the beach next. The steps to Nauset light beach have been eroded away so they are building new ones. Right now. So, no access to the beach.

We also came to see the lighthouse, so off we went. There are four lighthouses here in all. One working and the identical Three Sisters lighthouses residing in the woods just behind.

Nauset lighthouse. Moved from Chatham to replace the Three Sisters lights. The top was painted red and the light signal is a white light followed by a red light.
This lighthouse is featured in the Cape Cod kettle chip bag.

Three sisters lighthouses. These three lighthouses served in the spot of the Nausetbeach lighthouse until they were replaced by the current light which was originally one of the twin lights at Chatham. I can imagine they were quite the sight on the coastline.

Off to Coastguard Beach to see the sea. A chilly but sunny day was had collecting lucky stones and building sand dams in the rivulets left by the sea as it drifted out.

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