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Mint & basil & sun tea


I have a mint patch with aspirations to take over the world, one garden at a time. So, before it achieves that, I thought I would put a few handfuls of it to good use.
Mint tea sounds nice, but mint, basil and lemon with some honey sounds like a summer dream in a hammock.

Mint and Basil Sun tea

2 quarts water (I used filtered, but tap or stream water will be good too I am sure)
2 handfuls of mint
1 handful basil
1/4 cup honey
2 lemons – juiced

I am taking these measurements as a start as I expect to need more lemon or mint or something (vodka?!).

Wash the herbs and give them a squeeze to release the herby flavour.

Mix everything together and put the tea in a sealed glass jar or two and stand it in the sun for a couple of hours to brew. I would think this would also work in the fridge, but then you would have to call it ‘fridge tea’ to avoid misleading people.

The tea is a success!

I did give it a good shake and prodded about with the end of a wooden spoon to get as much flavour out as I could.  Just the right amount of mint and lemon, maybe a bit more basil needed.  My basil patch needs to be a little more plentiful first.

Now, what else could I use?  Lavender?  Rosemary?  Lots of possibilities.  Now I just need that hammock!

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