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Want. Smell. Love.

I want this bag so badly, love love love it!  It is in the new Anthropologie catalogue, but I can’t find it online.  What a bunch of teasers!  It is out of my league anyway, so I will just gaze upon the picture of it.

20130803-121716.jpg I am loving this summer fragrance. I waft it about generously! It is very light so can be wafted without anyone fainting.  I am not honestly sure what Salt Air should smell like, but this smells light and summery and just like salt air….

20130803-121837.jpg I bought these fab items at a sale last week. I use the yellow jug to water my hanging baskets and I just like to look at the colours and pattern on the mat.

These are my very favourite bracelets to wear this summer. They are five wood elastic bracelets I got at Buddha and Beads in Cape Cod for $1 each and they are the best.

20130803-122134.jpg This pile of summer is going to be a lovely bracelet this week.

20130803-122234.jpg Snacks.  I don’t get my paws on UK specialties very often, so I was happy to get these!


Do you see things that you want want want?  Like that darn bag!  What are you favourite snacks?  Happy Weekend!

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  1. Ann says

    I wish I could smell the salt air through the computer. I’m curious. I noticed the catalogs are starting to come and I’m realizing I could use a few things – I like the bag too!

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