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Chocolate chocolate chocolate

Really, that is what the place is called!
Yesterday we visited the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate factory in The Hill area of St Louis. It was an adventure as I don’t drive, but it turned out to be an easy peasy and successful one. I am pretty well versed on the public transit of St Louis (yes, there is an app for that!), so we caught the bus at the end of our street and off we went. The bus stop at the other end was about half a mile away from the factory, so we turned the corner and walked down South Kingshighway (sounds posh, isn’t), crossed the bridge and we were there. See, easy!

We had a lovely morning in this little chocolate factory, samples and smells and a good time!
Didn’t see any Oompa Loompas though, bit disappointing. We did get to see huge slabs of caramel and vats of chocolate all around.
So, that was the last day of school, all back this morning bright and breezy. Perfect morning for a bike to school.

I love to see him zip though the woods on his enthusiastic way to school.
It is a cloudy day today and it kind of feels like summer is over and fall is approaching on tip toes.
Do you look forward to Autumn or are you a summer sunny person? I do enjoy the sun, but I like the cooler days. Tights and boots and jeans (not all together), are my kind of clothes and I can’t wait to get the scarves out!

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