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Too many scarves


I brought all of my Autumn/Winter clobber up from the basement yesterday as it seems that shorts and t shirts are no longer welcome.  Thank goodness, I am not a hot weather creature at all.  I like clothes on and scarves and hats too!

Up came the giant zip loc bags and out came the sweaters and scarves and scarves and scarves and a couple of pairs of gloves.  It seems I have a scarf problem.  I just keep them.  All of them.  Some are years old, I mean you don’t grow out of a scarf do you?

I do have rather a lot of them and I do wear them (mostly).  Some I have been given, one I knitted and the rest I have picked up everywhere from Thrift shops to Target.

My favourites are the fur one (no of course it isn’t real, it’s from the Gap!),  the giraffe infinity scarf (Primark), the cream one with all the fringe is a shawl from a thrift shop and I love my Muji striped scarf which can be buttoned to make it all sorts of wonderful.  The only one I have bought this year is the Muji one, but I am sure it won’t be the last!

Funny thing is that on my ‘things I want to do’ list I have ‘make scarves’!  I know, the irony is not lost…

Are you a scarf collector or shoes or bangles?  What do you have an excess of?  Don’t worry, you can tell, you are among friends!

Have a lovely sunny weekend.  See you for Six Word Saturday tomorrow.

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  1. Oooh I have a similar collection of scarves myself!! It would be interesting to hang them all out and take a photo! I am definitely a scarf hoarder! Putting summer scarves away and preparing for knitted ones now 🙂

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