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Vintage Instant Cameras

Firstly I hate to call these cameras ‘vintage’ as they are from the late 80’s and early 90’s and I am not able to even consider the era of my teens and early twenties as ‘vintage’.  Eeek.

Anyway, I picked up three Polaroid Instant cameras at the weekend and I am eager to try them all out, see how they differ and which I like the best.  I am secretly hoping I don’t have a favourite, I want them to have their own abilities which I can use and love.

So far I have put a film in the fantastic looking, bright yellow ‘Job Pro Polaroid’.  ‘The Construction Camera’. This camera was actually made and marketed to be used on construction and building sites.  It is nice and sturdy and made in the United Kingdom.  You can slide the doodad on the front to make photos lighter or darker, both of which I have tried, it makes a difference and I like the lighter best I think.

I have a black and white film to try, but which camera to put it in?  I assume the newer  camera is the ‘One Step Close Up 600’ which was made in India but I am tempted to try the ‘Spirit 600’ which was made in the USA.

It is so strange to be using a camera which uses a limited film allowance after using digital for so long.  Each photo becomes precious, no click click click and delete or edit the ones which weren’t quite right.  Good old fashioned photos of what you see, no manipulation, just fresh out of the camera, literally!  Of course they can be photo’d with the phone and all sorts can be done, but I like the  photos the ‘Job Pro’ is popping out for me so far,  including the three stripes and a couple of leaks.

Keep your fingers crossed that they all work!  I will let you know.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA.

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