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Catseatdogs new bracelet. Testing testing.

I got these gorgeous organic shaped oval rings a while ago and it has taken a few attempts and a misguided bracelet or two to decide on this style.


I love this wrap with the ring incorporated although my intention was for the wrap to be long enough to wrap the wrist five times instead of three. Need to recalculate the amount of starting thread!  Of course this is the reason I make things, test them, adjust and try again.

This bracelet has been declared a success by me, so I will be making more, and they will wrap five times, unless I get it wrong again….!


What do you think?  A little different for my usual wraps, but a worthy diversion which I like.

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  1. I think it is beautiful! My friend made us (her friends) wrap bracelets like these for Christmas and I love wearing mine. I love what you did with ring. I can imagine how pretty it must be on the top of the wrist. Great job!

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