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Project 365 photos 18-24

This weeks photos have thrown out a couple of surprises. I always compile them together on Monday, so some I have almost forgotten! I think my favourites this week are the vintage toy cup and the hat with the chandelier. I forgot about the cup because I was trying to photo something else which didn’t work, so that this one came out nicely was a pleasant surprise. I worked on it in Snapseed and popped on a vintage filter.
The chandelier was a hard one for me to catch, I really wanted the casual hat and the decadent glass of the chandelier in just the right proportions and I think I got it in the end.
As usual the photos are a mix of iPhone 4 and Canon Rebel.


Vintage toy cup.


I love how this photo turned out, a good example of the reason I always carry my phone, you never know what you might see.


Double exposure on the Hipstamatic app.


Self portrait sat on the porch with a roof over me and no rain! I had been raining though, honest!


One of the Eye Candy photos, this was the first one I took and I was determined to get it, I just love the chandelier against the cream bobble hat.


Chipotle peppers from the farmers market. I am not really sure what to do with them. Do you know? If so, please let me know.


Vintage baubles, taken with my phone, you can see my reflection in some of the decorations.
Another week of photos all done. I am enjoying the weekly collections, I hope you are too.


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