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Ten on the 10th March 2014

A gorgeous Spring day, hurrah! It is amazing how mood boosting a spot of sunshine and warm air is.
For ten on the 10th this month, I have all sorts of things to show you!  It has been a lovely sunny and warm day and even though the dastardly clocks went back an hour over the weekend, everyone is in a good mood.
Today I have been admiring the flowers I bought last week.


20140310-164758.jpg Wondering what I should do with the treasures I found at the antiques mall?  I bought a perfume bottle stopper and some chiffon ribbon which by coincidence is the same colour almost exactly as the stopper, so pretty.


20140310-165322.jpg Pablo has been enjoying the sunshine too.  Chasing his tennis ball up and down the garden!

20140310-165424.jpg I made and listed a couple of new bracelets, I think they are both beauties!  If you want, click on the image to magically fly over to my Etsy shop.

20140310-165517.jpg My new notebook and my favourite scarf.

20140310-165550.jpg The garlic is starting to peek through.  Remember when I planted it last year?

20140310-165643.jpg Just look at the fluffy clouds and the budding trees.

20140310-165724.jpg Finally, today’s photo-a-day prompt was ‘Far away’. This guy is far away!

20140310-165835.jpg What a lovely day, I made new jewelry and took some fun photos! I hope you had a great day too and tomorrow follows suit!


  1. Oh – what are you going to do with that perfume bottle stopper and the chiffon ribbon. The colour is stunning. Will you wear it as a necklace?
    Those flowers are so happy too. 🙂

    • I think the stopper is going to be kept to look at, it has no hole and I am not sure how I could hang it apart from wrapping a ton of wire around the top hoping it doesn’t fall out (disaster). I will most likely use the ribbon for a necklace or a wrap bracelet. I love the colour too. x

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