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Weekly photos 23/52

This week was the first of the summer holidays from school and it went pretty well, the weather was kind to us and we had a day trip out to go up the Gateway Arch in St Louis and lunched at one of the food trucks at the City Garden.

Today is lovely and cool, but alas it won’t last, so we are enjoying it while we can.
image image image

image image image image image image image image
1. Sketchbooks for sketching and scribbling.

2. Breakfast in the city before we visited the arch.

3.  The 250 years of St Louis cake outside the old Basilica.

4.  Cake at the Old Courthouse.

5.  The arch cake.

6.  The arch and some lovely clouds.

7.  Look there’s me at the base of the arch.

8.  We saw lots of cakes, this one is at the fountain on the other side of the Old Courthouse.

9.  Love this pink suit at the City Garden.

10. On the big screen at the City Garden.

11. Lunch from the Fire (food) truck.

A good week was had and here’s looking forward to this week’s adventures.  Happy Monday!





  1. I love seeing photos from different countries. I love the pink suit with no head and of course the table and chairs. You look pretty fine too.

    • Thanks Michelle! I know what you mean about other countries, part of my BWP experience has been learning all about Australia.

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