Through The Lens Thursday
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Through The Lens Thursday 27. Mess.

Through The Lens Thursday is a weekly challenge to get us to use our camera on manual setting and learn all about those pesky numbers and how to combine them to get a successful photo.  As you can tell, I am quite the professional already by my discussion on ‘the numbers’.  I am getting the hang of manual slowly but surely and I haven’t flicked back to ‘auto’ all year.  Yay!

For today’s photo prompt ‘Mess’,  I had an idea to get the boys to shake their messy hair and I would magically capture the moment in freeze frame.  How on earth do I do that?  What numbers do I need?  To the interweb we go.  I read about freezing the moment and getting the blur and decided to try both.

I didn’t want my models shaking their heads into dizzydom, so I snapped a few, changed settings and snapped a few more.


Numbers for this one are 1/1000, f4.0, ISO800.

The white wall was not the best location as it overpowers the photo I think, but I love that the hair is caught in messy motion.


Numbers here are 1/60, f8.00, ISO800.  Bit more surreal here, but I don’t hate it, the white wall still isn’t helping, but I am pleased I tried both options so that I could see the difference.

This is what I learnt, what did you learn today?  Are you a camera whizz or just learning?



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