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Taking Stock, May

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Time to follow the fine example of Pip at Meet me at Mikes and Take Stock I think, so let’s see what I am up to today.

I have put a blank list at the end for you to Take Stock too.

Making : Granny squares!  I have 11 so far, I hope I manage enough for a blanket.
Cooking : Banana, peanut butter, chocolate chip bread for breakfast treats!
Drinking : A slightly cold cup of tea, I need an insulated mug.
Reading: Flow magazine and Art of Everyday Photography by Susan Tuttle, I am inbetween novels, looking for one I like. Any ideas?
Wanting: My copy of ‘Craft for the Soul’ to arrive, I am so excited to see Pip’s new book
Looking: Outside at the rain.
Playing: The soundtrack from St Vincent on Spotify.
Deciding: Which clothes to take on holiday next month.
Wishing: For a pause in the rain so we can get home from school and stay dry.
Enjoying: The cooler weather, even if it is raining.
Waiting: For the mail, I wonder if there will be anything interesting?
Liking: That I am managing to crochet something which doesn’t look like a disaster made from yarn!
Wondering: What to make next.
Loving: My garden which is growing all over the green place.
Pondering: How tall the sunflowers will grow this year.
Considering: Weekend activities.                                                                                                                                Buying: Pens to draw and colour with.

Watching: ‘2 Broke Girls’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’
Hoping: I find a good book to read on holiday.
Marvelling: At how green everything is outside.
Cringing: At my now cold cup of tea.
Needing: Summer trousers (I don’t do shorts, capri length is short enough for me thank you very much!)
Questioning: Every decision I make and I need to stop it.
Smelling: The lilac bushes and honeysuckle as I walk through the woods on the way to school.
Wearing: Top, leggings and wellies, ready for  a wet walk.
Following: My 10 year old as he zooms ahead on his skateboard, then stops to show me a few tricks.  Love it.
Noticing: How kids can speed along on a small board with wheels without a care in the world.
Knowing: I would most likely break something if I tried to skateboard!
Thinking: About new perfumes and sprays to make.
Admiring: My friend who is about to open a ‘Spalon’ – hair salon and spa all in one.
Sorting: Out some beads to make myself a lovely bracelet or two and maybe a necklace too.
Getting: Out all the summer clothes and shoes.
Bookmarking: Mandala ideas so that I can keep drawing them for The 100 Day Project.
Coveting: New summer dresses.
Disliking: The speed that the day whizzes by.
Opening: Bags of soil to plant seeds and plants and flowers in pots.
Giggling: At the honeysuckle flower which was on my trousers this morning and I thought a bird had dropped a present on me!
Feeling: Like I should stop drinking this cold tea…
Snacking: Ice cream.
Helping: To mow our neighbour’s grass with help from my boys.
Hearing: Baby birds as they get food from Mummy bird.

A list for you –

Making :

Cooking :

Drinking :








































  1. Hi Clare! Love your Taking Stock for May. That’s funny about thinking the honeysuckle flower was bird poo 🙂 I know, skate boarding is scary hey, kids are so brave and gung-ho. You’re not alone in questioning every decision you make and needing to stop it. Decisions are hard, and there are too many of them! But sometimes better to make a choice and go with it and whatever happens happens…whether the choice is where to go on holiday or what to have for dinner or something much bigger. Good luck with the crochet granny squares! They’re relaxing to make aren’t they x

    • Hi Isabel! I agree, try and stand by those decisions. Granny squares are great! I am hoping to crochet on the plane and on the beach on holiday.

  2. sounds like spring is in full swing in your part of the world! we are about 6 weeks behind you. the leaves are just starting to come out on the lilacs.
    i ordered some special seeds from the UK for growing in pots. i’m trying miniature sunflower seeds for fun.
    wishing you a nice mother’s day! 😀

    • Spring is being barged out by summer heat a little too quickly! We have grown mini sunflowers and they are so cute!

  3. Uh-oh. All the talk of books I find myself thinking ‘I need a new photography book’. This itch is never far from the surface but I have manage to resist the scratch for the last few weeks. We are definitely in the danger zone of desire now 🙂

    • I agree, there is so much stuff out there and when we are talking cameras, it is not hard to want them all! I fancy a go with a mirror less camera now….

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