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New year stuff to do, want to do, should do, resolutions?


I don’t like to make ‘resolutions’, but then I do like to give myself a list of things I would like to do in the year, so I suppose I do like to make resolutions.  Maybe it is the concept of the whole new year resolution/setting yourself up to fail thing that I have the problem with.

Lose weight, stop drinking booze, eat healthy, exercise, blah blah blah.  I try and do all of these things all of the time, well except the stopping booze thing because that is just ridiculous.  Let’s try and drink more water and call that one quits.

I need more ‘doing’ resolutions in my life, so this year I have a few ideas of things I want to do, achieve, create.  Things I want to look back on and declare a new skill learnt or an old one improved on. Here are a few of my ideas –

1. Daily sketch of the same thing, all drawn on the same page. Eventually making 12 spreads of fish/faces/shoes/necklaces/whatever else I come up with. I will be blogging about these at the end of the month as I finish each one. Maybe a mid month update. For the month of January I am drawing a fish every day, some from my imagination and some from books. Hopefully I will end up with 31 fancy fish swimming about on the same page by the end of the month.

2. Fill many art journals, ok, one will do, but I want it all fat and bulgy. I am very keen to art journal, but I am so useless when presented with a blank page and the ‘look, you can do anything you want’ threat, challenging me from the white sheet in front of me. I need a little bit of instruction, a wee dab of guidance if you will. Even if the instructions come from me, I just need the start. With that in mind, another resolution under the ‘doing’ theme is-

3. Keep a separate book with ideas of things to sketch/record. Ideas for my sketchbook and art journal or a watercolour, a coloring sheet (yes, there are more coming!), something to sew, a piece of jewelry or a layout idea. It will all go into this one place so that I can grab the book when I am faced with the blank page and my imagination is yelling – ‘go go go, make something, draw something!’ Hopefully this way, I will spend more time practicing and creating and less time wondering what to practice or create.

4. I want to sew more this year.  I like to sew (firstly I wrote here that I was a sewer and realized that that may not be the word I was after, ahem…) and I have always liked to sew and make things from fabric, so this year I would like to get back to that.  The sewing machine will come out and hopefully we can make some spiffy things together.  It is my goal to get some projects on  here on the blog too, so that you can see what I am up to and get some DIY ideas too.

Now I have said all of that, I suppose I need to do it!  It will be my pleasure and I will be a happy camper if I have a nice fat sketchbook, 12 pictures with 29-31 things in each and some fabric goodness by the end of 2016.

Do you make resolutions?  Goals?  Do you stick to them or forget about them until January of the next year when you decide to have a look and see what you did?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. productive creative list!

    2016 started off well around here. i got my sewing machine out which has been put away for 6 weeks. i did a little fun project and enjoyed it.
    i decided to be more face to face social this year and put myself out there more.
    so i made plans with friends this week. there’s been shopping, visits, tea… i cooked up an authentic sicilian luncheon and had people over.
    i have plans next week for another meet up.
    i’m glad for a new year!

      • i made a load of headbands for a friend that’s been growing out her hair so she wears them everyday and then her daughter freaked out over them so i made another stack for her the next day.

        f2f! oh me too!!! xx

  2. Well, I like a list! I’m like you, Clare, I like the task oriented list rather than the big lifestyle changing stuff. I think it’s good to have a few goals to focus on just to keep growing and exploring our capabilities and skills. I like your idea of the daily sketch on the one page. Look forward to seeing what you come up with! I’ve just been looking at some lovely fabrics and thinking about what I could do with them. I just don’t have a convenient place to put – and keep out – my sewing machine. That’s why I tend to stick to knitting and crocheting – access to the wool basket is easier!

  3. An art journal is an inspired idea. I love that. I haven’t kept one since I was in highschool and would love to. A wonderful list Clare!!! Happy New Year!

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