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Weekly photos 26/52.


1. I made some tape transfers and couldn’t stop! For these I used regular tape with a matt finish. There is no stick left on the tape but this width is great for glueing in my art journal or onto my 100 day project cards. If you fancy making some here is a quick guide –

How to make tape transfers

You will need – tape, magazine images, warm water

Stick the tape over the image you want to transfer to the tape.

Submerge the whole image/tape in warm water for a few seconds.

Peel off the tape and gently rub any excess paper from the back of the tape. Don’t rub too hard or crease the tape or you will end up with lines or rubbed off image. When I made the ones in the picture the tape literally floated off the page with the image intact.

Glue them down to use as the tape will no longer be sticky.

For more in depth instructions you can look at this post by A Beautiful Mess.

2. I messed about with this photo of honesty and magnolia flowers in the Snapseed app.

3. An early evening walk in the woods and we stumbled across this tunnel of sunlight.

4. The campers have been chalk drawing on the park!!

5.  Random exercise bike left at a local school.

6. Grilled avocado is a wonderful salad addition.

7. We planted some honesty seeds, I wonder if they will grow.

8. A tiny leaf with a raindrop.

9. I found this ace book at an antique shop for a dollar. It is from the 1920’s.

We have had a week of 100 degrees to 70 degrees, sun and rain, so the garden is happy! Summer is going well, we are keeping ourselves busy without being frantic!

So far there has been lots of swimming, drawing challenges – Tinkersketch and Creative Bug draw a day as well as my ongoing 100 day project, dog walking and podcast listening.

Happy Monday and Happy 4th of July to my American pals!

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