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Get Messy Thursday. Season of Introspection Week 5.

I have been rolling out of bed this week feeling less than motivated to be honest, so when I decided I had better get on with some art journal pages, my heart did not leap. The feeling was more of a ‘what I am going to do on these pages which need filling with art and meaningful journaling?’

Fill them of course!

As you know I am not much of a journaler, so I concentrated on the art bit.  I sat myself down gathered my paints and started to think about what to do.

One of the prompts from this season was to use a silhouette, so I decided to have a go at that, once the silhouette was down (it took a couple of goes and there may have been some ripped out pages!) What else to add?

I left it for a day or two while I worked on another background and when I came back to it I decided to keep it simple, black and white flower doodles for the win.

My silhouette is a little on the wonky side but I loved drawing on the flowers. Loved it I tell you.  Flowers in my head!


I visited the Missouri Botanical Gardens at the weekend and was overjoyed to see the lotus flowers in bloom, so I took many photos of them and thought I would use the colours of the flowers on a journal page.  The page (below) started rather brighter than I wanted, so I glued a vintage dress pattern piece over the whole thing and it became nicely subdued. Under the pattern paper is stenciled paint, inkblots and flower shapes made with cut up paint chips!

On top of all that I drew a free form mandala, which are always fun to draw.

This last page is a bit of a work in progress, when I was in my ‘lotus flower’ phase I also painted a flower with my acrylics.  I quite like how it has turned out and I am now leaving it while I ponder what to add.

Here is the fabulous flower which launched a couple of pages (so far, there may be more to come).  Isn’t it gorgeous!

Happy Thursday x



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