'I like' Friday, Growing stuff
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‘I Like’ Friday starring Kale from the Garden!

A few things that I have been liking this week of thunderstorms, sunshine,  pea soup humidity and humidity.


Midori sketchbooks. I was admiring the work of Hey Hooray Design and her sketchbooks looked pretty cool. I noticed the Midori hashtag and went to investigate.  I found the Traveler Notebook inserts with blank pages at Jetpens and ordered a couple.  They are a great size 8″x 4″, tall and skinny!  The paper is not very thick but for pen and pencil drawings and notes, they will be perfect.


Puzzle markers. Of course while I was on the JetPens site I could not help but have a browse and I came across these cuties.  Teeny tiny animal markers, they are like tiny post-its.  To be honest I thought they would be bigger (always read the measurement information folks!), but they are just adorable, so I was not disappointed.


Neon highlighters and brush pens. I haven’t used my brush pens in a  while so I was pleased to roll them out for the Creative Bug Draw a Day class for the month of July. I have been really enjoying making the drawings and often pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  Mainly because they are all made using only brush markers, no pencil starts, just dive in with the marker.  This means (for me at least), that each drawing starts with a leap of faith as the pen hits the paper, the drawing is more mindful and careful but free at the same time. All because I don’t start with a pencil!


A Wilder Life, by Celestine Maddy. I borrowed this book from the library and now I have had chance to flip through it, I think I need to own it.  It covers everything I love and lots of things I never knew I might love!  Adventures outdoors, natural beauty products to make, recipes by season, birds animal and insect identification, making house stuff like macrame plant holders and weaving on a loom. It is a joy to look through and it makes you want to get outside and spot wildlife and stay inside and cook and make, all at the same time!

Kale. Whether it is still cool to like kale or not, I do!  I have it growing in my garden and I put it in salads, soups and make it into kale crisps.It is one of those magical veggies to grow because the more you cut it the more it seems to grow.

I hope you are having a lovely Friday and finding lots of things to like!

Happy Friday x

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