St Louis, Weekly Photos
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Weekly Photos 52/52

The last collection of photos from 2016!











1. Gingerbread modernist architecture with the addition of Jolly Rancher pillars!

2. My filled art journals from 2016.

3. I have been playing with the gelli plate and dried seeds this week to make some patterns and images to use in journal pages.

4. Blue skies for our New Year’s Day hike at Route 66 State Park.

5. We were looking for old bottles and found all of these shovels.

6. Railway bridge over the Meramec river.

7. Shadow family.

8. Pond, trees and reflections.

Well, that was 2016 and here is 2017.  I hope it is a wonderful year for all of us, I am going to try and be regularly creative and record my journey here on the blog.

Happy Monday x


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