Weekly Photos 2017
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Weekly Photos 2/52 2017








I missed week one of weekly photos this year because I was deciding whether to carry on with weekly photos.  I decided, no I was not going to and it threw off my whole blogging week, so I thought I would reinstate the weeklies!

1. I spotted this Old Man’s Beard fungi on a fallen tree this week, apparently they are edible, but even if I was super sure I could eat a wild mushroom, I don’t think I could.

2. The roses on this bush are still pretty even when they are dry and crispy.

3. We had a small ice storm on Friday and lots of schools and businesses were closed.  The trees were coated in a layer of clear ice and these bracket mushrooms also had an ice coat.

4. These berries look dramatic in their frozen cluster.

5. This sculpture on the Delmar Loop looks ready for some ice!

6. Coffee sacks at Blueprint coffee in The Loop.  I had a latte and it was one of the best I have tasted.

7. Lovely chunky oil pastels in Dick Blick Art Supplies.  Thankfully oil pastels are not my favorite medium, so I was not disappointed that I couldn’t own them all!  They come in the most gorgeous colours though.

Welcome back to Weekly Photos and Happy Monday!




  1. Ah, Dick Blick! I was hoping to get there on our recent visit but didn’t make it! The pastels look lovely – not my medium either! And I always love your nature photos!

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