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Painted paper collage


My new favourite thing is paining block colours onto plain or old book paper, cutting out random shapes and making a collage from them.


I don’t use purples very much so I decided to paint some blocks of colour onto some slightly textured paper (This is Sumi-E painting and sketch paper) overlapping the colours slightly but not particularly deliberately.  Of course I had to throw in some gold and paynes grey.


Once they were super dry, I cut them into shapes and strips of paper. I really love how the overlap and edges of the colour look so effective once they are in shapes.

Then the fun part, sticking the shapes down on a page (in this case, my daily Moleskine). I try and keep a balance of white space and shapes as well as a balance of colour placement. I had swashed some gold over the page already so I stuck the shapes over the gold.

I can’t wait to do this again as I have lots of paper and shapes left.  Maybe next time I will add some doodles over and around the shapes.

I hope you are having a creative day, if you try this, post on Instagram and tag me @catseatdogsmakes!

Happy Friday x


  1. This is brilliant Clare – so vivid, free and fun. I’d like to try it some time in the coming week as this kind of activity is amazing for surface pattern ideas. Thanks for the inspo and I’ll let you know if I manage it!

  2. I’ve never thought of myself as a purple person either but man, it really does pop when you’re painting with it! I use dark purples and navys all the time in my work. And the gold makes it pop even more! Beautiful stuff.

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