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100 Days of Creative Ideas 41-50.


41. Tear a piece of cardboard from a box. Paint a forest of birch trees with white gesso or paint. Add details with a black pen when the white paint is completely dry.

42. Want to try a new technique? Improve on an existing skill? Hop over to the inter-webs and find a video via an artist’s blog or YouTube channel.

43. Look in some books or magazines and find pictures or photographs of buildings. Copy them into your sketchbook. Draw a street or a landmark or a village on a mountainside.

44. What is your favorite colour? Make a sketchbook or a single using only that colour and shades of it. A blue series, how pretty would that be?

45. Make a little single signature sketchbook/notebook. Use some lovely paper and keep it small enough to staple the pages in down the spine.  How about a tiny book?

46. Make a quick (up to a minute) sketch of someone in movement. Maybe a walking figure, how about a yoga pose or a dancer?

47. Listen to The Jealous Curator‘s ‘Art for your ear’ podcast. Summer camp has just started #AFYEcamp. Lots of inspiration in this fab podcast.  Let’s go to camp!

48. Draw a tree stump with all of its lines. Use a real tree or use a photo for reference.  How old is the tree?

49. Write a poem. Make it rhyme or don’t. How about a haiku? Don’t overthink it, write lots.  Here’s mine.

Spend the time on a poem

See how you go.

Start a page in your book,

Watch the words flow.

50. Draw with a kid or a group of kids. Any age, big or small. Let them tell you what to draw!

See all of my 100 day project at 100 Days of Creative ideas over on Instagram.

Happy Wednesday x


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