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‘I Like’ Friday. Picture books for art inspiration.

I keep getting the best ideas from children’s picture books. I check them in and out at the library and every so often, one will catch my eye.

I have a look at the beautiful illustrations and get some ideas for my art journal. Some are just plain gorgeous and some are sparking ideas left and right!

These are some examples of what I have found recently.

There are lots of ideas in these books which will keep me going for ages!

Yak and Dove by Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Esmé Shapiro. These buildings are inside the covers and I just love them.

Another inspiring inside cover from Kali’s Song by Jeanette Winter. Looks like some gorgeous collage and pen drawings.

These fabulous ladies make me want to gather all the leaves and sticks to make wings and crowns and skis!  From Fairy Friends Seasons by Merrilee Liddiard

Images to inspire from Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill. The drawings are deceptively simple and very effective.

These last two pages are from The Story of Snowflake and Inkdrop by Alessandro Gatti and Pierdomenico Baccalario, illustrated by Simona Mulazzani.  The cutouts in the pages to signify the snowflake or ink drops are delightful and make me want to cut all kinds of designs into my journal with a bright page behind them.

What is inspiring you today?

Happy Friday x


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