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My Collections. Found Marbles.

I don’t always consciously ‘collect’ things, but when I watched Courtney Cerruti on Creative Bug talking about collections and how we are drawn to things over and over, I quickly realized that I have amassed a collection or three over the years. When I am at the thrift shop or an estate sale or antique shop, I do have things I look for. Like old buttons, ledgers – the more handwriting the better, postcards – again, the more writing the better, photographs, books, flash cards and old haberdashery. The thing I do conciously collect is marbles, but not just any marbles, I don’t look for marbles at any of the above locations and I am not interested in new marbles. All of my precious marbles are from the local creek and the woods and all of which I have found with my 12 year old son. We find them on the creek bed and in the mud and we love to dig them out! ┬áSome are in half, some are chipped and some are sand …

Six Word Saturday

We went for a walk in the creek this afternoon and we found the usual marble and the more unusual find – a Buzz Lightyear laser gun! It is funny that we almost always find marbles down there, someone years ago must have played lots of marbles and lost them into the creek bed. Toys from across the decades meet for the first time! Happy Saturday x