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Project 365 Photos 4-10














Ten photos done, only 355 to go!  Still sounds a lot, even to a shutterbug such as myself!  Some days I hardly get a shot at all and some days I can’t decide which to use.  Yesterday (10/365) was a decision day.  It was such a beautiful day I think I could have pointed my camera in any direction and got a lovely shot.  I posted more from the day as part of my regular Ten on the 10th post.

Are you doing the Project 365 challenge?  How is it going?  I am happy to be using my Canon Rebel on manual for some of the photos I am posting and quite proud of myself!  Some will always come from the iPhone 4 just because it is often all I have with me.  The frosty leaf for 8/365 is a perfect example of this, by the time I had gone to fetch my camera the frost would have melted and I am not sure I could have got that close with my camera either.

The ‘selfie’  was taken on the phone using the ‘Incredibooth’ app for a bit of fun!

I can’t help myself, I have to mess about with some of the apps out there, they are too much fun to resist.  The heart pendant used the ‘A Beautiful Mess’ app and the woods in the first photo was taken in ‘Oggl’.

Are you following any themes?  I have decided on ‘Selfie Thursday’  but apart from that, I am just snapping whatever I find.

I am managing to blog every day for National Blog Post Month too.  November is turning out to be a busy one, but a creative month too, so no complaints here. See you tomorrow!

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