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Catseatdogs wrap bracelet



Wrap bracelets are one of my favourites pieces to make and to wear. They are super comfortable, can be layered up for a more dramatic look. I can make them with sparkle beads or earthy wood and clay beads and I love them both and both like to be worn together or alone.

I think the best part is choosing the beads I am going to use. In fact I am about to make a blue ombré effect wrap and I can’t wait to get the beads out to get started. I will share when I have made it, I see it starting with cream and ending with navy.

This bracelet  sitting on a pumpkin is a chunky casual wrap made with wood, lucite, grey mother of pearl and some gorgeous blue snake beads. One of the constants in these bracelet is that they all fasten with a careful chosen vintage button, many of which are mother of pearl, all of which are lovely.

I like to wear jewelry, and bracelets are my pieces of choice in the Autumn and Winter, lots and lots all layered up.

If you like, pop over to my Etsy shop or my Facebook page to see more.

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