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Project 365 photos 11-17

20131118-093137.jpg 11/365  I was taking photos of the rake in the leaves to practice with my camera and the dog wandered in to glare at the rake.

20131118-093620.jpg 12/365.  Beyond frost this morning, straight on to icy.  I caught the ice on the fallen leaves with my iPhone using Camera+.  I messed about with it in Snapseed on the iPad.

20131118-094041.jpg 13/365.  Pickle the cat deciding whether to come in or not.

20131118-094419.jpg 14/365.  You always knew there was a feet shot coming!  Here it is, with pom poms.

20131118-094741.jpg 15/365.  The finished pom pom fox hiding out in the woods.

20131118-095232.jpg 16/365.  A cloudy day peeking up at the bird feeder.

20131118-095639.jpg 17/365.  I spotted the climbing pink leaves behind the bins and had to snap a photo with the phone.

How was your week?  I think I need to make a promise to all of us to stop with the leaf photos!  The very windy day yesterday took care of that as it blew most of them down.

I want to take more indoor photos on my camera, so that I can get some lovely Christmas photos (yes, I really need a month of practice).

Are you thinking of Christmas already?  I have to plan a way out as I have parcels to send to the UK.  There is also Christmas cake to make and mincemeat for mince pies.  I have a few presents bought and I am feeling quite smug!

Happy Monday, see you tomorrow x


  1. Su Leslie says

    I love the bird feeder shot; I immediately assumed it was some sort of sculpture being air-lifted onto a site. Very tardis-like.

      • Su Leslie says

        It is; very modernist. Bet the birds in your garden are glad not to dine out of a twee old-fashioned feeder. This feels like the beginning of a comedy routine; a bit Eddie Izzard-like. 🙂

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