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Weekly photos 17/52


20140428-141059.jpgIt has been a week of sunshine, a school concert, seed planting and a new shower!  We can’t use it yet because it would be a wet disaster, but when the bathroom is tiled, it will be the best!

There are flowers everywhere I look, from dandelions to flocks of daffodils, all so pretty!



20140428-141128.jpgWe dragged out the Swingball which is in desperate need of a new ball at the end of it’s string!  The dog has nearly bitten our’s in half.  We can still whack it, but I am afraid it will fly into two pieces very soon.

20140428-141138.jpgI caught these reflections on a local bridge when I was getting some photos for Through the Lens Thursday this week.

20140428-141201.jpgTo the Middle School band concert we go.  I am wearing my lovely new Bohemian Trader‘s scarf which I love so much!


20140428-141217.jpgA tree on a hill to finish this week’s collection.

Do you have exciting plans this week?  I have a card to make for a card exchange (post coming, got to make it first…) and I have a bead soup to make into jewellery for the Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori of Pretty Things blog.

Busy busy busy!


  1. That is a fabulous scarf….I’ve been eyeing off one of their bags lately, think it might have to make its way into my shopping cart! Flick x

  2. Bean soup jewelry sounds neat! Love your photos and you look so cute on your way to the concert 🙂
    I am looking for things to slow down a little, just finished up with my daughter’s crazy play schedule. Although I might be starting a new work project so things will probably get crazy again!

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